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Dragon City Mobile
Dragon City Mobile

Most popular Tips and tricks one must know about Dragon City Mobile

In Dragon City Mobile they recruit the players as official custodians of a floating dragon utopia. So their responsibility is to find out all new and different varieties of dragons in the city and preparing them for the battle and making them cross with other players around the globe. In total there are more than 100 varieties of dragons to get in our branch and control them accordingly.

When you will come across various fundamental dragons, sometimes it may lead us to be devastating while controlling them. So to construct the mightiest dragons which are imaginable, we provide a few tips and tricks by which users can become to some understanding.

  1. One should recognize the features regarding its Elemental Dragons

In this game there are few elemental categories and each dragon will fall under any of the elemental lists. Please find the list to understand the existing elements.

- war 

 - Metal

 - Sea

 - Nature

 - Mashed potato

 - Ice

 - Flame

 - Legend

 - Light

 - Earth

 - Electric

 - dark

  1. Other than Elemental dragons are few others too

So one must know about another category other than elemental dragons which are containing three groups. So we are here providing the other types and examples of the same for your ref.

- Rare Hybrid: Cool Fire Dragon, Leviathan Dragon 

- Hybrid Dragons: Juggernaut Dragon, Hot Metal Dragon

- Exclusive: Great White Dragon, Thor Dragon

- Legend: Mirror Dragon, Crystal Dragon

  1. If you do not have enough gold then be in lower times for foods

Generally, it takes more time to reap the dragon foods, which directly chucks more of your gold currency. So more time you spend in reaping the food for dragons, the additional money will be finishing the process. So therefore if you reaping in a constricted budget then select the foods which take less time to reap like dragon balls and hot dragons chilies. So even after reaping them if you find any more that can be spent again, then one can invest some amount in reaping spike balls and star shines.

  1. The Fundamentals after the Habitation System

Any of the dragons can be kept in various environments and automatically they will begin to get you extra gold per minute. So every habitat which is present will concentrate on various elements that produce various amounts of gold. To gain an additional 20 percent further gold per minute one has to keep the elemental dragons with the same type of elemental crystals. So if you can match the suitable dragon city hack on tips n tricks using the crystal element.

  1. One should surely be knowing the things about dragon transformation 

The various phases of growing dragons:

  1. Egg - This is the stage where the dragon is not yet hatched from its egg and will not be seeing this world.
  2. Baby - This is the awesome stage in your design because at this stage your dragon will be found in the Dark Incest arrangement and tolerantly waits for you to come back to their environment for feeding them.
  3. Teen - This is the stage where the dragons will be grown up to a teenage girl and even helps you through the game by struggling alongside other dragons turn into even stronger. These dragons are a little difficult to be handled.
  4. Adult - Adult is the last stage of Dragon where it is completed grown to an adult dragon and turned into a stronger Dragon. Ready to face a heavy attack and surely capable to win over numerous battles in your game.

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